MKT410 Introduction to marketing UiTM assignment example Malaysia

Marketing is the process of influencing consumer behavior to reach and satisfy customer needs. This includes providing products, information, or services that will have value for consumers in exchange for money from the sales transaction.

MKT410 Introduction to marketing is an undergraduate course offered by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The course focuses on identifying customer needs, business strategies for meeting those customer needs through different channels (advertising, direct response). Course objectives are to equip students with a general understanding of Marketing Strategy; creating basic conceptual frameworks that can be applied in practice either as part of their future careers or academic pursuits.

The course starts off by introducing what it means to be a marketer as well as exploring some of the work done in this field. You will learn about different ways marketers use their skills, such as branding, advertising, public relations, social media influence marketing mix models among others while also learning more about how they are used on products or services related categories like food and beverage service industry.

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MKT410 Introduction to marketing is an academic course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, methods and techniques for planning, organizing and executing strategies in order to develop products or services effectively.

Assignment Brief 1: Explain marketing and its function within a business organization.

Marketing can be defined as the study and planning of methods to bring products or services to consumers. It is a process that aligns customer wants, needs, values and other interests with business goals in order for organizations like businesses to successfully reach their target market. Marketing focuses on creating value through finding new ways of delivering desired goods or services from one party (a producer) to another party (customer).

The function of marketing within an organization involves:

  • Identifying internal stakeholders who will ultimately purchase the product;
  • Ensuring brand awareness so customers know what they are buying;
  • Understanding competitors’ strategies and offerings/positioning your company’s offering against them;
  • Developing marketing information which includes ideas about pricing, distribution channels etc.;
  • Implementing promotion plans including advertising campaigns that define objectives such as increasing sales growth by influencing consumer preferences using persuasive appeals; finally
  • Making decisions based on feedback received after implementation takes place.

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Assignment Brief 2: Demonstrate the relevant processes, techniques, and principles of marketing.

Marketing aims at making exchange profitable through discovering new customer needs combined with meeting those demands while sometimes working within constraints such marketing refers specifically to activities associated with this practice. In order to do so successfully involves identifying target audiences; developing relationships between company representatives and these targeted groups; creating product(s); designing promotional campaigns using various advertising methods including traditional media channels like TV ads on billboards etc.; measuring impact based upon defined goals set before launch; evaluating effectiveness over time according to how much money invested has been returned back per unit sold via calculating ROI – return on investment ratio among many other things.

Principles of marketing is the set of guiding principles that govern how a business can successfully conduct its marketing activities. Marketing, in most cases, focuses on communication with consumers and potential consumers. In order to be successful at this process, it must adhere to certain basic rules which are not always explicitly stated but rather understood implicitly by those who practice them or study their theoretical underpinning more deeply.

The following list is an example of key principles:

  • know your target audience – create consistent messaging for product/service offers
  • consider all relevant aspects when making decisions about pricing policy and promotion strategy

Assignment Brief 3: Analyze the theories and concepts of marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the marketing efforts that a business applies to its product or service. A company’s marketing strategy will typically set out what it intends to achieve by using different promotional tools such as advertising campaigns in print media, on-site displays at trade shows, integrated with social media campaign tactics for specific target markets etc. It should also identify how much time and resources are allocated towards each tactic throughout all stages of production from inception through distribution including post sale customer support services.

Theories and concepts of marketing strategies are related to the activities that organizations undertake for their products or services. Marketing strategy is a plan or blueprint which gives an organization’s objectives, tactics, means of implementation, and resources required in order to achieve its goals. Some theories on marketing include:

1) Four P’s Theory (Product/Price/Place-Promotion)

2) Six Ps theory (People Processes Product Price Promotion Place People). The six ps includes perceptions; personality types; people processes such as cognition, affective reactions , attitudes & beliefs about products or service offerings.

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