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The AAR450 Design I course teaches you the fundamentals of aircraft design and your future as an aspiring aeronautical engineer. You will learn the various techniques and strategies that go into creating a successful and efficient aircraft. Throughout the semester, you’ll gain experience in deciding why and how to use aircraft materials, structures, propulsion systems, subsystems, and components in order to generate solutions for aerospace problems. With dedicated instructors and engaging lab sessions, this course provides students with the perfect platform to master their aerospace engineering skillset.

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Here, we outline some assignment requirements. Specifically, they are:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate appropriate examples of vocabulary and terminologies of design fundamentals.

Design fundamentals encompass an array of essential elements, such as color theory, line, shape, texture, and space. Working with these concepts allows designers to create visually appealing works of art. Interacting with the right vocabulary and terminology helps unlock the potential of these elements, allowing designers to better understand and direct their efforts in order to make powerful visual statements.

For example, a knowledge of chromatic relationships can inform the use of complementary or analogous hues while spatial awareness ensures that objects are captivatingly placed on a canvas. Ultimately, by familiarizing themselves with design nomenclature, designers are better equipped to make strong aesthetic choices that communicate meaningful messages.

Assignment Task 2: Manipulate the basic vocabulary and elements of design into the conceptual architectural composition.

Designing an architectural composition requires a thoughtful and creative manipulation of basic vocabulary and elements. This manipulation enables architects to articulate their intent within their designs and give them their own unique character. However, much more than just design is necessary; understanding how different materials, textures, colors, and shapes interact helps to form the conceptual side of a design. Put together with the technical knowledge developed through experience in the field, architects can create works of art that both function in multiple ways and exhibit an astoundingly beautiful conceptual composition.

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Assignment Task 3: Discuss the vocabulary and terminologies of design fundamentals.

There are a few key terms and concepts that are essential to understanding design fundamentals. Perhaps the most important is the concept of visual weight. This refers to how much “presence” an element has on a page or screen. Elements with more visual weight appear more dominant, while those with less visual weight recede into the background. Another key concept is a gestalt, which refers to the way our brains organize information into patterns.

A good design takes advantage of gestalt principles to create a cohesive, easy-to-understand layout. Finally, designers must always be aware of hierarchy when creating a piece. This refers to the order in which information is presented, with the most important information at the top and the least important information at the bottom. By following these basic design principles, you can create designs that are both visually appealing and effective communicators.

Assignment Task 4: Propose an appropriate architectural design that reflects knowledge, vocabulary, and terminologies of design fundamentals.

Architectural designs that emphasize knowledge, vocabulary, and terminologies of design fundamentals should feature sharp lines, and intuitive floor plans, and include efficient use of space. Interior design elements need to be carefully planned to incorporate principles from the foundational elements of composition, color theory, balance, etc. with the overall style of the architectural narrative.

Furthermore, the incorporation of natural light sources supports a holistic environmental design approach in achieving both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. Ultimately, by taking into account all fundamental concepts across the various disciplines associated with successful architectural design, a proposal could be presented which is both comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing.

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