AAR451 Construction Technology I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR451 Construction Technology I is an introductory-level course designed to lay the foundation to understand and become familiar with the fundamentals of construction technology. During the course, students will learn from lectures and exercises on topics such as material properties and installation, basic structural systems, equipment for material handling and installation, project management, as well as digital technology associated with the construction industry. By the completion of this course, students are expected to have acquired the professional skills required for further specialty courses in the Construction Technologies programs.

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Through the following activities, we’ll provide an overview of this assignment:

Assignment Activity 1: Illustrate a basic understanding of building construction and materials, construction processes and trades, and professionals in the construction industry.

Construction involves the use of many skills and complex designs to gain a desired outcome. Using an array of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum and cement, along with tools like hammers, saws and welders, the construction process is often a long and intricate one requiring the oversight of professionals in the field. There are multiple trades that come together to successfully build a structure, including plumbers, electricians, masons and carpenters who are managed by contractors with experience and expertise in their fields.

In addition to these professionals who shape and build various components of a respective project, architects create detailed plans of construction sites so that teams know exactly what needs to be done. Thus, building construction necessitates a knowledge of specialized workmanship from numerous professionals and tradespeople all working collaboratively toward the achievement of successful results.

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Assignment Activity 2: Discuss the importance of the roles of various building trades and consulting professionals.

Building trades and consulting professionals are essential for the successful construction and maintenance of modern buildings. These professionals bring a diverse range of knowledge to any project, from carpentry and electrical work to designing plans that ensure safety and health standards are met. Engaging these professionals ensures an efficient build timeline and a quality end product that stands the test of time.

Consulting professionals must also research requirements that comply with local building codes in order to create precise plans that combine form, function, and sustainability. With their expertise, they can help formulate precise budgets within allotted timelines while taking into account details of the surrounding area. Their decisions are instrumental in the ultimate success of any building project; ultimately it is their skillset that can provide value for money for a property over many years.

Assignment Activity 3: Explain the constructional methods and usage of appropriate building materials that relate to small and medium-scaled buildings.

Building a structure that is safe and long-lasting requires careful planning, and using the most suitable building materials and methods. Small and medium-scale projects require constructional methods that optimize the use of space without deviating too much from safety guidelines. Designers of such structures need to identify what type of materials are best suited for their project, such as wood, concrete, brick, or metal. Selecting the correct material for a construction job plays an important role in ensuring not just the aesthetic appeal of a structure but also its structural stability and performance under different weather conditions.

Furthermore, with technologies like prefabrication being widely used in modern building practices, designers can more easily create complex designs which can be quickly delivered to sites where assembly can be done. In summary, when constructing small and medium-scale buildings it is essential to consider appropriate building materials as well as suitable techniques that offer efficiency, quality, and safety to the project.

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