Demonstrates the methods of implementing a research work, primarily delineating the research model, identifying the appropriate research design: Business Research Assignment, SUT, Malaysia

University Swinburne University of Technology (SUT)
Subject Business Research


This chapter demonstrates the methods of implementing a research work, primarily delineating the research model, identifying the appropriate research design, discussing the possible data collection methods, targeting the right population – sample, formulating questionnaires and measurement/scale and identifying the appropriate statistical analysis techniques.

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To get a better understanding and to conduct an investigation on the problem statement, rigorous research needs to be done. The initial part of this research will lead to information collection. Various methods of research can be implemented; such as questionnaires, interviews, observations, and documentation review which will subsequently get this study meet its objective


Based on the book written by Davis (1995) a research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the research project. It details the procedures necessary to obtaining information needed to structure and solve the research problem (Sundram, Chandran, & Bhatti, 2012). Research design can be classified as exploratory research and conclusive research. In this study, a conclusive research design will be employed (descriptive or causal) because it is typically more formal and structured compared to exploratory research.

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