CCS20903: Create a complete web application using Java Servlet and Java Server Pages technologies. Create a Java web application: Client Server Computing Assignment, MSU, Malaysia


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Individual Assignment


CCS20903: Client Server Computing

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This assignment requires you to create a complete web application using Java Servlet and Java Server Pages (JSP) technologies. Create a Java web application to emulate a simple system to execute client requests that involve CRUD operations from the database. You may use any Relational Database Management System.

Below are some of the basic requirements for the application:

  • Landing/Login page (JSP/HTML)
  • Login verification controller (Java Servlet).
  • Main page with menu options upon successful login verification
  • Registration page for new records (JSP/HTML) and the controller to handle this process (Java servlet)
  • Update records and delete records pages (Java servlet)
  • Sample reporting page: To display/search records (Java Servlet)
  • Logout option and with user log (JSP)

Take note that Java Servlet is usually used for controlling application flow and program logical processing (backend). JSP on the other hand usually is used for the display of noncritical program processing.

Provide the necessary exception handlings. You may include Java Scripts to display the error/exception messages if needed as well as use web sessions to control the user’s session.

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