Mr Wong is a Burger Queen outlet franchisee. As a franchisee, Mr Wong is expected to fulfill his contractual obligation to ensure his outlet: Operation Management Assignment, OUM, Malaysia


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Operations Management

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Time Study

Mr Wong is a Burger Queen outlet franchisee. As a franchisee, Mr Wong is expected to fulfill his contractual obligation to ensure his outlet is align with Process and Operational design dictated by Burger Queen, the franchisor. Due to introduction of a range of new product types (eg Korean burger / Prosperity burger), Mr Wong was required to perform a time study audit on Process 2. Process 2’s function is to convert raw burger bun (input) into toasted bun (output). This process can be further divided into a set of manual tasks, which include; bun type selection, buttering of bun, initiating toast and inspection of toast quality. The only machinery required by Process 2 is a bun toasting machine. All Burger Queen outlets are equipped with a two-tier machine, where temperature, as well as toasting duration for each tier, can be preset separately, in accordance to product type.

Listed below are;

  • Two-time study of Process 2, conducted by Mr Wong via video recording. Both studies consist of 7 observations/ repetitions, however, the first study was conducted by observing Operator A, while the second study was based on Operator B.
  • Please note that the duration for each observation is measured in a number of frame. Assume that 24 frames = 1 second.

Job Design

  1. Based on your assigned case, answer the following questions;

Determine the Standard Time via time study, based on observation of Operator A.

What is the impact towards Standard Time, if Allowance percentage is increased? With example, explainthree possible reasons that would justify increment of Allowance percentage for a job. No calculation is necessary for this question.

What is the impact towards Standard Time, if Performance Rating for Operator A is decreased? Explain the function of Performance Rating with respect to determining Standard Time. Support your explanation with an example. No calculation is necessary for this question.

Referring to chapter 8, “determining allowance” is deem to be a challenge in conducting Time Study. Explain why this is deem a challenge in conducting Time Study.

Referring to chapter 8, explain the function of Taxonomy of Job, from the perspective of Time Study. Provide an example to discuss ONE possible challenge in applying Taxonomy of Job towards division of task.

Grading criterion

Q1a – Please ensure that;

  • sufficient calculation steps are shown, for partial credit
  • Excel or writeup, without clear calculation steps is not acceptable
  • leave all calculation steps at 2 decimal points

Q1a2 – Please ensure that your example is intuitive and aligned with the reason you have identified.

Q1a3 – Please ensure that the function/ usage of the Performance rating is clearly explained, and supported by your example

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