BUS40804: The social network of my new venture. One of the personal characteristics that make some people better at recognizing opportunities: ENTERPRENEURSHIP Report, TU, Malaysia

University Taylor's University (TU)

Task 1: The social network of my new venture.

One of the personal characteristics that make some people better at recognizing opportunities than others is being a member of social networks or social communities. With an idea that meets the opportunity characteristics, you plan to start a new venture in a month. Identify and compile the online forums or members of any types of groups you will be in and include qualitative and quantitative evidence justifications. In your report, discuss how the social network groups could provide informal support or benefits you and your venture

Task 2 An e-commerce company, Oxwhite: The Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility analysis is the process of determining whether a business idea is viable. It is the preliminary evaluation of a business idea, conducted for the purpose of determining whether the idea is worth pursuing.  Compile the feasibility analysis at Oxwhite since it was founded in 2018

You are required to provide concise information on the feasibility analysis at Oxwhite and provide a summary on each area of your research in the report. Additional readings are strongly encouraged.

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