Draw 3 marketing channels for the consumer market with appropriate examples In order to plan the strategies for the marketing channel: Macroeconomic Report, PM, Malaysia

University Politeknik Malaysia (PM)
Subject Macroeconomic


  • Draw 3 marketing channels for the consumer market with appropriate examples.
  • To plan the strategies for the marketing channel, you have to understand each role/function of the different intermediaries.
  • As a marketing manager of a company, you have to decide whether to use direct or indirect channels to deliver a product to your prospect. Ascertain your decision and reason.


Sports2u (M) Sdn. Bhd. will be in the business of selling athletic equipment to people at every fitness level and aim to be a recognized sporting good and fitness store in the world. As a marketing representative of the company, you
need to:

Prepare and write 5 tools of promotion mix / Integrated Marketing Communication that can be used by Sports2u Sdn.Bhd.

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