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DUE10012: Communicative English 1

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Many people have the mindset that everything revolves around money. Having a lot of money, after all, leads to greater spending power which can satisfy one’s impulses. Nilofer Bernard, a blogger, said, ‘Materialism by itself is not wrong. It is the intention which counts.’ Therefore, being materialistic is perfectly natural. What matters more is the intention behind it.

Firstly, being materialistic can drive people to work harder to earn more for themselves and their families. This way, they can have a better, more financially secure lifestyle. Many less fortunate people, such as hawkers, have made their way up in life through sheer determination. The desire to earn more has pushed many successful people to where they are today.

Furthermore, materialism has positively impacted the economy. As people’s lifestyles improve, they are more likely to spend their money on expensive products. This willingness to spend pushes the retail sector to come up with innovative ways to capture the interest of consumers. As a result, the economy benefits from the constant development of new products.

However, being materialistic can be detrimental to humanity as a whole, as some people are so focused on chasing wealth that they show little regard for others. This results in them becoming selfish and inconsiderate to those whom they perceive as less fortunate. For example, a wealthy business owner might exploit the labour force in a Third-World country to increase profits. Such a practice only reflects negatively on the ones responsible and contributes to making the world a worse place.

In conclusion, being materialistic does not always bring a positive impact on people’s lives when there are horrible, exploitative intentions behind it. However, being materialistic is not necessarily bad, as it can fuel one’s determination to work hard and boost the economy. What matters most is how one achieves one’s financial goals and what one does with the results.

Article 2: Students Listening to Music

With easy access to the Internet and smartphone apps, students nowadays are spending a lot of time listening to music. Many parents believe that this hobby takes up valuable studying time and can negatively affect their children’s grades. I disagree with the view that students should spend less time listening to music because music helps to relieve stress, stimulate the mind and enhance learning.

Firstly, music distracts the mind from the stress of studying. When students feel stressed from hours of studying, their minds start to wander in search of a distraction. Music provides this distraction by giving the mind something to focus on. Students can also listen to music while they study, as it does not pull their focus away as television would. Music keeps students alert, which helps them to focus. Thus, listening to music often encourages effective studying.

Secondly, listening to music enables the mind to analyze and think better. Students can absorb information faster and perform their tasks more efficiently. Many students support the notion that listening to their favourite songs makes difficult tasks easier to manage. They become more motivated after enjoying their favourite tunes. This means that students who spend more time listening to music are likely to study better.

However, it is believed that spending too much time listening to music could cause students to neglect their studies as it can be just as distracting as other hobbies. This is untrue as many students who excel in their studies claim that they spend a lot of time listening to music to enhance their studying experience. Therefore, there is no reason why students should spend less time listening to music.

Article 3: Environmental Issues

The planet faces many troubling environmental issues that stem from human activity. Deforestation for agricultural purposes and urban development have destroyed forests and accelerated climate change. Mass consumption of natural resources has dwindled the earth’s resources faster than imagined. To improve the state of the environment’s sustainable development, mindful consumption and stricter laws need to be implemented and carried out.
Firstly, practising sustainable development preserves our environment.

Natural resources such as forests, minerals, and water need to be utilized carefully to minimize negative impacts. For instance, land clearing for housing development should be restricted and trees should be replanted to replace the loss to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and prevent landslides, flash floods, and rising temperatures. As a result, sustainable development minimizes damage to Mother Nature.

Secondly, lifestyles have to change to reduce excessive consumption. This includes cycling instead of driving, shopping wisely, and avoiding single-use items. The more environmentally conscious society is, the greater the impact. If more people recycle and reuse old items, fewer resources need to be consumed. Thus, being less wasteful helps to conserve resources and preserve the environment.

Lastly, implementing and enforcing stricter laws will deter people from harming the environment through industrial waste. Heavier fines and jail sentences should be imposed on companies that contaminate rivers with chemicals to deter others from doing the same. Large corporations are afraid of heavy punishment as it causes financial loss and bad press. Therefore, implementing stricter laws is effective.

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