UGB363 linking significant news events to the share price increases and decreases: strategic corporate finance Assignment, UM, Malaysia


University of Malaysia (UM)

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Individual Assignment


UGB363 strategic corporate finance Assignment.

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Part A (Compulsory)

Students should analyze the 3-year share price performance of the listed company by:
linking significant news events to the share price increases and decreases;
looking at the company’s financial ratios and one other key area (e.g. dividend policy, M&As, capital structure alteration, corporate governance policy, financing strategy, investment strategy etc.), so can demonstrate both knowledge and understanding of a range of topics, theories, and concepts covered within the UGB363 Strategic Corporate Finance module.
Alan’s guidelines:

i) Select a period of 3 years (e.g. 2016 – 2018, 2018 – 2020, etc.) in which the stock price has some significant movements, then search some news at that 3-year period and discuss how these events affected the stock prices.

ii) Calculate around 6 – 8 financial ratios of the company for those 3 years (or only the first and third year) which you think are important, and use the ratios to discuss the financial performance of the company throughout these three years.

In addition, select one more topic (suggestion: dividend policy, capital structure, or M&A transactions) and discuss how this area affects the company’s performance & stock prices (try to use some theories in your discussion).

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