Poverty is considered one of the major hindrances to the economic development in the least developed countries: International Business Issues and Polices Assignment, APU, Malaysia


Asia Pacific University (APU)

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International Business Issues and Polices Assignment

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You are required to carefully read all the questions and select 3 questions of your choice for your discussions. It’s important for you to attend lectures to obtain the information related to the questions.

  1. It is crucial for students not to simply plagiarize or reproduce the information available but rather to summarize, criticize, question or provide their own opinion regarding the topics chosen. Each question chosen should be written clearly and page break should be used where necessary. A simple general discussion will not suffice. Students are also expected to include facts, examples, theories, arguments and/or supporting research paper from various sources in their discussion.
  2. Poverty is considered one of the major hindrances to the economic development in the least developed countries. Both MNCs and the government are trying to mitigate/resolve the issues. Priority concerns include wealth disparity; climate change; the degradation of water, forests and arable land; the failure to adequately educate the world’s children; healthcare; and human rights. Provide your justification to why developing countries still having the issue of poverty, which is the responsible institution(s) to assist in bringing them out of the poverty line, and what MNCs can do to help to reduce poverty.
  3. The current trade war between the United States and China is giving considerable stress to businesses in the line of fire. As the world adjusts to shifting geopolitical weights, the greatest beneficiary is the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Currently, some of the countries that are trying to cooperate with ASEAN are China, India and US. From your own reading and research, suggest which country should ASEAN collaborate further in the next 5 years and why?
  4. One of the main criticisms of globalization is that it has benefitted mostly the developed countries at the expense of the least developed countries. Do you agree with the statement? Provide proper justifications to support your stance.
  5. Expatriation is very common in many MNCs. One of the vital duties of foreign managers is to cope up with the foreign culture while having a culture-shock. Discuss the challenges faced by expatriates, including foreign managers and how MNCs manage expats. Provide real examples to support your justifications.
  6. Deglobalization refers to the process of diminishing interdependence between countries. While it has been widely acknowledged that globalization brings profound effects on economic outcomes, economists warn that we should not neglect that deglobalization is on the way. Critically discuss implications of deglobalization to MNCs and what they should do to ensure their competitiveness in the state of deglobalization.
  7. Industry 4.0 has already begun to influence business. Most of the large organizations are adopting hi- technological advancement. Critiques raised the issue that industry 4.0 will replace the need for unskilled labour and firms will be more focused on the proximity to the customer. Evaluate and critically discuss how industry 4.0 will affect MNCs.
  8. International labour standards are first and foremost about the development of people as human beings. The ILO contributes to this legal framework by elaborating and promoting international labour standards aimed at making sure that economic growth and development go along with the creation of decent work.
  9. ILO therefore lay down the basic minimum social standards agreed upon by all players in the global economy. Why do we need to have ILO Standards when countries could have just created their own labor standards? How ILO standards influence business operations of MNCs. Critically discuss.
  10. According to The United Nations, the rate of environmental damage is increasing at an alarming rate across the planet. In almost every region, population growth, rapid urbanization, rising levels of consumption, desertification, land degradation and climate change have combined to leave countries suffering from severe water scarcity. These worrying trends are also making it increasingly hard for the world to feed itself. The UN has called for collaboration to reverse the impacts but there is a blaming game between government, MNCs, local companies, consumer and citizens making it hard to resolve. Which two most important parties do you think can exert stronger pressure to coerce others to start reducing/reversing the damage towards the environment and how? Support your justification by providing real examples.

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