Is Vitrox a growth or value company/ stock? Explain the characteristics, why is it so, find data from the annual report: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Assignment, UNM, Malaysia

University University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM)
Subject Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  1. Is Vitrox a growth or value company/ stock? Explain the characteristics, why is it so, find data from the annual report, and simply a wall. Add some current news, how would company perform in the next few months.
  2. Swot analysis- why Vitrox stands out from its competitors.
  3. Firm competitive strategies- refer to slides, choose those only applicable to Technology, and elaborate reasons.
  4. Why is the technology industry or to be specific, Vitrox stock to be considered as defensive, cyclical, and speculative stocks- elaborate reason, add data or current news if needed.

Speculative stocks
Cyclical stocks

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