demonstrate  the use of  objects and classes, both standard library classes and user defined classes: Java Programming Assignment, APU, Malaysia


Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Assignment Type

Individual Assignment


Java Programming

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learning outcomes

CLO1: use the fundamental control structures and data types to write programs in the Java language

CLO2: Demonstrate  the use of  objects and classes, both standard library classes and user-defined classes

CLO3: apply the structured, and object-oriented approach to solve computing problems using Java

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You need to implement a Student Management System that can store various information related to undergraduate and postgraduate students and allows various operations like registering courses for an undergraduate student, updating the status of a postgraduate student, displaying various information of all registered students, etc.

The requirements for this assignment span three levels.  You should complete and test a solution to Level 1 requirements before attempting the additional Level 2 requirements.  Similarly, you should complete Level 2 before attempting Level 3.  Higher levels will not be marked unless the lower level is completed correctly

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