CT087-3-3: Real-time developers have to balance 3 constraints in the quest for timely RT execution, efficiency, predictability: RTS Realtime Systems Assignment AUTI, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (AUTI)
Subject CT087-3-3: RTS Realtime Systems

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss typical real-time systems, and their requirements for asynchronous operation, concurrency, and robustness.
  • Design systematic approaches for the conceptualization, specification, and design of real-time systems.
  • Verify appropriate real-time systems scheduling techniques.


Real-time developers have to balance 3 constraints in the quest for timely RT execution, efficiency, predictability, and reliability/robustness. For this assignment, you are required to investigate how concurrent programming techniques can be used by RT systems designers to address these constraints.

Introduce the reader to your paper, including a brief introduction to the general subject area and how your topic is related. Briefly point out why it is a significant topic and what contribution your work will make. At the end of your introduction, you can add a paragraph to explain the outline of your paper. The outline is the skeleton of your document. It shows how various sections in your proposal are connected and gives the reader an indication of the logical development of your research paper.

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