You are expected to produce with Lab View programming language a prototype of the control system to be installed: Systems Programming and Computer Control Assignment, APU, Malaysia


Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Individual Assignment


Systems Programming and Computer Control

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  1. You are expected to produce with Lab View programming language a prototype of the control system to be installed in the car. This prototype is required to have an appropriately designed front panel that can provide the user with a clear picture of what the system does.
  2. Since this is a prototype, you are not expected to include hardware sensors/motors. You are to simulate the system by having appropriate “software sensors” included in your constructed prototype. However, some research is expected in your documentation that identifies the appropriate type of sensors that can work with the system. The prototype has to be designed with this in mind so that actual physical implementation in the future will be easy.
  3. As the targeted system is to be built in a networked environment, your system must be designed in two separate modules. The first module will be the main control unit, which will simulate the control keypad, device status, and functions that the system can perform. The second module must be created to run on another PC and is to contain the diagrammatic illustration of all devices’ statuses.

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  4. Since two modules are to be constructed, a high-level protocol must be built to allow the main module to “interface” (or communicate) with the second module over TCP/IP. Due to the use of TCP/IP, socket programming is required.
  5. You are to work on the prototype individually.
  6. You are permitted to make assumptions where necessary. These assumptions are expected to be logical and must be appropriate for the situation at hand.
  7. There will be a presentation towards the submission date of the project. You are expected to demonstrate how your system is capable of addressing the requirements of the developer.
  8. The submission of your project should entail the following items:

a) Main documentation highlighting the following:

i) How the requirements have been addressed by the developing language.
ii) System Design.
iii) Protocol Design
iv) What hardware sensors/devices can be implemented and how your prototype has been built to accommodate an easy transition from software-based inputs/outputs to hardware-based inputs/outputs?

b) Softcopy user guide that can explain how your system works. This will be based on your system application.

c) Softcopy of the application prototype system.

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