COS3023/N: In this assignment, you will need to analyze methods of memory management in operating systems: Operating System & Concurrency Assignment, UOW, Malaysia



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Individual Assignment


COS3023/N Operating System & Concurrency Assignment

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Part 1: 50% (CLO3)

In this assignment, you will need to analyze methods of memory management in operating systems.

Briefly introduce the significance of memory management in operating systems.

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Discuss about the methods of memory management below

  • Contiguous Memory Allocation
  • Paging
  • Segmentation

You may discuss how each method works, the advantages and disadvantages, example scenario when the method are favourable.

You may creatively include an infographics or figure in this report using your own drawing or illustration. You are not allowed to plagiarize any figure/infographics from internet and other sources.

Please manage your content and plan the structure of your report according to the scope of this topic research. Your report should have sufficient number of in-text citations and a minimum of 3 high-quality references to back up your write-up.

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