You are the coordinator for the Medical-Surgical Nursing practicum course for this semester: nursing education Assignment, Malaysia

Subject Nurse Education


Final assessment: Assignment 3 (30%) + Presentation (10%)

You are the coordinator for the Medical-Surgical Nursing practicum course for this semester.  A total of 60 nursing students have enrolled for this practicum course. Elaborate on the medico-legal and ethical implications and the possible occupational health and safety risks within the clinical setting.  Discuss how you would apply some of the relevant brain-based teaching strategies to optimize the learning of the nursing students in the clinical setting

Instructions on presentation:

  • You will be given 20-25 minutes for your online presentation.
  • Additional 3-5 minutes will be allocated for questions and answers.
  • Date of presentation: 15/1/24 

Instructions on written assignment:

Your written assignment should be in about 2000 words, using font Times New Roman, size 12 points. Your write up should be concise and clear.   Support your point of discussion with relevant references.

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