A company manufactures a single product. Budget and standard cost details for next year include: CORPORATE FINANCE Assignment, UTM, Malaysia


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State FIVE (5) advantages of a self-imposed budget.



The selling price per unit is RM25.00

Variable production cost per unit RM2.50

Fixed production costs RM60,000

Fixed selling and distribution costs RM34,000

Sales commission 10% of selling price

Sales 80,000 units


(i) Calculate the break-even point in units.                                                                                     (4 marks)

(ii) The marketing manager has suggested that the selling price per unit can be increased to RM40.00 if the sales commission is increased to 12% of the selling price and a further RM12,000 is spent on advertising. Calculate the revised break-even point based on the marketing manager’s suggestion.               (8 marks)

(ii) The marketing manager has suggested that the selling price per unit can be decreased to RM22.00 if the sales commission is reduced to 6% of the selling price and a further RM5,000 reduced in selling and distribution. Calculate the revised break-even point based on the marketing manager’s suggestion.               

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Tekad Maju Sdn Bhd has been engaged in the process of forecasting its financing needs over the next quarter and has made the following forecasts of planned cash receipts and disbursements:

The monthly sales for the year of 2023:

April 750,000 August 780,000
May 690,000 September 665,000
June 730,000 October 720,000
July 750,000 November 750,000
  1. 60% of credit sales are realized in the month following the sale and the remainder in the second month following.
  2. The raw materials are 55% of the current sales and Creditors are paid in the month following the month of purchases.
  3. The wages and salaries are paid based on 10% of sales in the month. The utility for the firm is 5% of sales in the month of their incurrence.
  4. Furthermore, the monthly rent expenses are RM8,000 and Office supplies RM800.
  5. RM5,000 tax payments are to be made in the second month of each quarter.
  6. A 5% annual interest on a RM400,000 term loan will be paid monthly.
  7. The beginning cash balance for the budget period is RM90,000 with a minimum cash balance of RM45,000 and an increase to RM60,000 in August and RM75,000 in September.
  8. Any short-term financing needed to maintain the minimum cash balance should be paid off the month after the financing month with an annual interest rate of 15% per annum.

Prepare a monthly cash budget for the three-month period ended 30th September.

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