PSY1034: How small changes in the brain can create a difference in the action of an individual more precisely in the person’s behavior: Biological Psychology Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University SEGi University (SU)
Subject PSY1034 biological Psychology

Brain Part Infographics 

Students are required to discuss how small changes in the brain can create a difference in the action of an individual more precisely in the person’s behaviour

STEP 1: Select a part of the brain you learned about in this lesson that you would like to learn more about. Do some background research and then find at least TWO journal article that provides more insight into that part of the brain

STEP 2: Discuss an aspect of your research. Pick out some of the details about the part of the brain, such as the result of an experiment. And create an interesting visual (think: infographic).

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Assignment Questions

  • Hunger, eating, and health
  • Sleep, Dreams, and Circadian Rhythms
  • Drug Use, Drug Addiction, and the Brain’s Reward Circuits
  1. Hunger, Eating, and Health Why Do Many People Eat Too Much?

– Digestion, energy storage, and energy utilization; Theories of hunger and eating

– Bodyweight regulation; Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa

  1. Sleep, Dreaming, and Circadian Rhythms: How Much Do You Need to Sleep?

– Stages of sleep; Effects of sleep deprivation; Circadian sleep cycles

– Four areas of the brain are involved in sleep; Drugs that affect sleep

– Sleep disorder; Effects of long-term sleep reduction

  1. Drug Use, Drug Addiction, and the Brain’s Reward Circuits: Chemicals That Harm with Pleasure

– Basic principles of drug action

– Role of learning in drug tolerance

– Five commonly abused drug

– Biopsychological research on addiction

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