KNS2163: Work to remediate failed slope along Jalan Sebauh, Bintulu is proposed and The affected slope is along a 5 km section of the road: Geotechnical Engineering Assignment, UNIMAS, Malaysia


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KNS2163: Geotechnical Engineering

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Work to remediate failed slope along Jalan Sebauh, Bintulu is proposed. The affected slope is along a 5 km section of the road and is found to be on sandy SILT residual soil. The existing slope is found to be generally at 1V:2H with a 25-meter height. The critical slip circle is estimated to be a mid-point circle failure. During the forensic investigation, it was observed that water is seeping
through the scarp.

The mid-point is obtained at 35m from the center of the slope. A Consolidated An undrained Triaxial Test (CIU) had been performed to obtain the shear strength parameters. The soil parameters are given in Table 1. Investigate the stability of the existing slope using the Ordinary Method of Slices. The analysis must be accompanied by calculations. Compare the safety factor of manual calculation with GeoStudio. Comment on the safety factor obtained.

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