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Development of Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance using Fuzzy Logic in Simulated Environment


A mobile robot is a machine controlled by software that uses sensors and other technology to identify its surroundings and move around its environment. It can operate autonomously. They are used to assist with work processes and even accomplish tasks that are impossible or dangerous for human workers.

Mobile robot movements such as obstacle avoidance are constructed by using computer programs that are limited to human knowledge of anticipated obstacles. Ina real working environment, obstacles are varying in terms of shapes and sizes. A normal programming algorithm using Boolean logic is not suited for the task.

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Therefore, in the project, a simulated mobile robot wandering in an unknown environment will be programmed to avoid obstacles. The simulated environment, mobile robot, and fuzzy algorithm will be programmed using Python. The simulated mobile robot which is using the method of the fuzzy logic algorithm will interact with an unknown environment based on simulated sensor information.

The environment and algorithm parameters will be built, and the developed algorithm’s performance will be analyzed. it is expected that the robot’s fuzzy logic system will be able to avoid colliding with an unexpected obstacle.


One of the major challenges of autonomous navigation for mobile robots is the detection and obstacle avoidance during the robot navigation task. This issue arises due to a dynamic working environment in which the obstacles vary in shape and size. To avoid various obstacles, the programming algorithm must be able to anticipate these variations before the actual deployment. The typical if-then-else Boolean logic programming algorithm is too rigid, as an alternative the use of fuzzy logic which allows many-valued logic can be used to attain the best results. Thus, allowing smooth movement of the robot in avoiding obstacles.


The objectives of this project are

1. To set up and configure the mobile robot and environment parameters of the simulated environment.

2. To implement the fuzzy logic algorithm in a simulated mobile robot for obstacle avoidance.

3. To evaluate the performance of the mobile robot in avoiding obstacles.


The followings are the methodology to be followed to do the project and the application procedure illustrated in Figure 1.

1. Study and configure the mobile robot and simulate the environment.

2. Construct the fuzzy logic algorithm parameters.

3. Perform the experiments, observe, evaluate, tune parameters and analyze results.

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