COS3023: Desktop operating systems are used by millions of people worldwide to run a variety of devices: Opperating System and Concurrency Assignment, UOW, Malaysia


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COS3023: Operating System and Concurrency Assignment

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Part 1
Desktop operating systems are used by millions of people worldwide to run a variety of devices, including personal computers, tablets, and laptops. These devices provide with a wide range of functionality, such as the ability to multitask, interactive user interfaces, and access to a wide variety of thirdparty applications and services to further improve the user experience.

Windows and Linux are two distinct families of operating systems that have different architectures, design philosophies, and use cases. Windows is proprietary software, and users typically need to purchase licenses for commercial versions such as Windows 10 Pro or Windows Server. Linux is opensource, and many distributions are freely available. Users can modify, distribute, and use Linux without a licensing fee.

You are required to write a detailed report according to this research scope:

Analyse and differentiate Windows operating system and Linux operating system in terms of its history/evolution, architectures/structures, features, types/examples and advantages and disadvantages.

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Based on the analysis, discuss which operating system that you preferred. Provide your reason to support your answer.

You may creatively include an infographics or figure in this report using your own drawing or illustration. You are not allowed to plagiarize any figure /infographics from the internet and other sources. The maximum page limit for this report is 10 pages excluding the table of contents, figures, diagram, and references.

Please manage your content and plan the structure of your report according to the scope of this topic research. Your report should have sufficient number of intext citations and a minimum of 3 highquality references to back up your writeup.

Part 2
Provide a brief introduction to the InterProcess Communication mechanism and their significance in operating systems Discuss the basic concepts of processes and the role of the InterProcess Communication mechanism.

Review and summarize at least three InterProcess Communication mechanisms, examples include shared memory, message passing, pipes, sockets, and semaphores.

Analyse and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the selected mechanism. Discuss how each mechanism performs under different scenarios and workload conditions.

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