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Q1)Write an essay discussing ethical values and practices in an organization. Your essay should include the following aspects:

  1. The criteria and condition needed to be an ethical leader.
  2. As a manager, how would you keep your business and/or others to a high ethical standard in terms of personal ethics.
  3. The conditions that bring about unethical practices in an organisation.
  4. The organisational values that you would strive for in an organisation.
  5. The methods you would employ to ensure compliance to good work ethics.


Whitney, a top graduate from Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA, was hired by a major corporation into a management position. Whitney finished the corporation’s management training program top in her group, and is performing excellently in her position. She is really enjoying her work. However, as an American black woman, she feels isolated, as there are no other black women managers and few women in her area. One night at a company party, she heard a conversation between two of her male co-workers and their supervisor. They were complaining to him about Whitney’s lack of qualifications and her unpleasant personality. They cursed affirmative action regulations for making the hiring of Whitney necessary. Whitney was very upset and wants to quit.

Write an essay discussing the case study by including the following aspects:

  1. Whether Whitney should quit
  2. The validity of her co-workers’ evaluation.
  3. Whether Whitney should confront the co-workers.
  4. Whether Whitney should go and bring the matter to the supervisor.
  5. Suggestions of immediate actions Whitney could take?

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