NBHS1202 The purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ understanding of basic concepts in statistics: STATISTICS Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject NBHS1202 STATISTICS Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ understanding of basic concepts in statistics and their ability to work with different types of data, organize data, present data, and describe data using appropriate measures.

Tujuan tugasan ini adalah untuk meningkatkan pemahaman pelajar tentang konsep asas dalam statistik dan keupayaan untuk bekerja dengan pelbagai jenis data, menyusun data, mempersembahkan data dan menerangkan data menggunakan ukuran yang sesuai.




Read the following and identify all the data types that you see in each case. Provide justification for each of your answers.


Case I – A group of patients were called in to meet with a physician. When they arrived, the patients were asked to sign a logbook. And next to their names they had to write down their age, height, and weight.


Case II – A survey was done on patients to determine their level of satisfaction with the quality of care provided by the nurses.

(4 marks   

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Baca yang berikut dan kenal pasti semua jenis data yang anda lihat dalam setiap kes. Berikan justifikasi untuk setiap jawapan anda


Kes I – Sekumpulan pesakit telah dipanggil untuk berjumpa dengan doktor. Apabila mereka tiba, pesakit diminta menandatangani buku log. Dan di sebelah nama mereka perlu menulis umur, tinggi dan berat badan mereka.


Kes II –   Tinjauan telah dilakukan ke atas pesakit untuk menentukan tahap kepuasan mereka terhadap kualiti penjagaan yang diberikan oleh jururawat.



You are given the following three sets of data.

Data Set A

What can be said of the three datasets above? Make comparisons and conclusions based on the measures of central tendency, including the quartiles, for each of the datasets.  Additionally, what can you conclude based on the values of the coefficient of variation for the each of the datasets? (All work must be shown).

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