XDCS2014: You are required to create a GUI application that can be used by students to keep track of their GPA / CGPA based on their grades for each module at the end of each semester: Java Programming Assignment, UOW, Malaysia


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XDCS2014: Java Programming

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You are required to create a GUI application that can be used by students to keep track of their GPA / CGPA based on their grades for each module at the end of each semester. A sample interface is provided below.

The basic application should allow the student to select the semester. Then, within the semester, only the modules that were offered and taken by the student will appear in the combo box. The student will then see the grade (A+, A-, etc) and the grade point (4.0, 3.5, etc) in the spaces labeled Grade and GradePoint respectively. You may have more than 4 modules in the semester but it should not exceed 6 modules. If the student presses the GPA button, the GPA for that semester will appear in the white space above the buttons.
If the student presses the CGPA button, the CGPA up to the existing semester will appear on the whitespace. The RESET button will clear all values on the frame. Note that the interface provided is only a sample. You may have a different layout for the application but do note that the Semester and the Modules have to be in a Combo-box.

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Your team is required to produce the following in softcopy:


The documentation should contain the following details:
▪ The structure of the application applied. Examples: classes, inner classes, constructors, methods, interfaces, etc. Provide sample code snippets to depict the chosen structure.
▪ The additional Java concepts or the use of Java APIs that was incorporated into the application, especially those that were not covered in the sessions. Provide sample code snippets of the additional concepts.

Solution (Source Code)

The source code in Java is executable and covers all requirements in the case study. You are strongly encouraged to create a unique real-world solution and incorporate additional concepts of Java. Document the additional concepts you have used within the codes in the comments. If you have used/adapted codes from other sources, ensure appropriate in-text referencing is included in the comments within the codes and a reference list is provided in the documentation.


Your documentation should incorporate basic documentation standards such as header and footer, captioning for diagrams/images as well as page numbering and include the following:
▪ SCCM cover page (refer to the file attached in Open Learning)
▪ Table of contents
▪ Appropriate headings for each section of the solution as listed below
✓ Structure of the solution
✓ Additional concepts
▪ Assumptions (if any)
▪ References (This is only necessary if you had referred to books or other sources when doing the assignment. If you have used codes from the web, you should have a list of references.)

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