CSS3133: What are the main ideas in these articles and What kind of knowledge management models are the authors describing: Knowledge Management Assignment, UOW, Malaysia

University UOW Malaysia KDU University College (UOW)
Subject CSS3133: Knowledge Management


Analyze the articles based on the following questions:

Group-based tasks:

1. What are the main ideas in these articles?
2. What kind of knowledge management models are the authors describing?
3. What are the main conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned?
4. What methods were used to reach those conclusions?
Individual task:
5. What are your personal reflections on the arguments made in the articles?

Academic Integrity Statement

You must adhere to the university college regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of plagiarism or any other form of misconduct in your work. Students must
NOT collude with other students or plagiarize their work.

Nature of the submission required

A softcopy of your assignment in PDF version should be submitted to the lecturer, no later than the date and time stipulated on the cover sheet. In addition, an electronic copy of your work must be submitted to Turnitin. The
the first page of your report, immediately after the cover page, must be a page from Turnitin clearly showing your name and your Originality Score.

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