AICT004-NWN:You are required to design and apply an IP addressing scheme for the topology shown for the DigitalSea Inc: Networks and Networking Assignment, AUTI, Malaysia


Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (AUTI)

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AICT004-NWN: Networks and Networking

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  • CLO3: Justify the topology and IP addressing plan based on the network design (A3, PLO8)


You are required to design and apply an IP addressing scheme for the topology shown for the DigitalSea Inc. network in Figure 1. You will be given one class C block of IP addresses that you must subnet and provide the IP addressing plan for the network. Using Packet Tracer, you must first create the topology diagram of the network as shown in Figure 1. Once the topology diagram is done, configure each device according to your proposed IP addressing scheme. When the configuration is complete, use the appropriate commands to verify that the network is working properly.

  • Part A: Topology Design 
  1. There is a total of 3 branch routers, and 1 offsite router for backup. All router to router connections are using Serial interfaces.
  2. LAN connections in the 3 branches – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor Bahru (JB), and Penang are using copper cables (with Fast Ethernet interfaces)
  3. There are wireless LAN connections provided in KL, JB, and Penang branches using WiFi technology.
  4. Connection from the Offsite router to the servers are using fibre-optic cables (with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces)

Draw the topology diagram in Cisco Packet Tracer, following the specific requirements

  • Part B: Packet Tracer Configuration 
  1. Perform basic configuration on Penang, JB, KL, and Offsite routers to demonstrate the following configuration skills:
  • Basic router/switch configuration (hostname, banner motd, passwords, etc.). Please use “cisco” for all passwords.
  • Static and Dynamic IPv4 Addressing
  • Wireless configuration
  • Static Routing

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