Ability to use Proteus Simulation Software to simulate electric circuits and measure electrical quantities: Electronic Assignment, MMU, Malaysia

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject Electronic


To learn the Proteus Simulation Software and use it to measure electrical quantities.

Learning Outcome:

The ability to use Proteus Simulation Software to simulate electric circuits and measure electrical quantities.

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Task 1: Installing the Proteus Simulation Software

The Proteus Simulation Software is available in the CAD Lab, Faculty of Engineering.

Task 2: Measuring resistance, voltage, and current

2.1 Construct the series-parallel circuit in Figure 6.1. Use R1 = 330Ω, R2 = R3 = 1kΩ.

2.2 Use an ohmmeter to measure the equivalent resistance, Req. Record the measured value.

2.3 Explain why resistance shouldn’t be measured in a live circuit?

2.4 Connect a dc voltage supply with Vs = 10V across points A and B. Measure the voltage across each resistor using a dc voltmeter. Does your observation agree with the Kirchhoff Voltage Law?

2.5 Measure the current that flows through each resistor using a dc ammeter. Does your observation agree with the Kirchhoff Current Law?

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