BAC1634 Each student needs to choose two of the following standards: MFRS 101, MFRS 133, MFRS 140, MFRS 137, MFRS 110, and MFRS 116: Financial Accounting and Reporting 1, MMU, Malaysia

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject Financial accounting & Reporting 1

Individual Task 2
2.1 Each student needs to choose two of the following standards: MFRS 101, MFRS 133, MFRS 140, MFRS 137, MFRS 110, and MFRS 116.

2.2 Each student must choose 10 companies from Task 1. Five companies should be analyzed for each standard. For example, if you choose MFRS 116 and MFRS 133, you need to analyze 10 companies in total. Five companies for MFRS 116 and 5 companies for MFRS133.

2.3 Assess the information presented in the financial statements of the companies concerning compliance to the chosen standards.

2.4 Focus should be given to the recognition, measurement presentation, and disclosure requirements.

2.5 Your analysis should be supported with a ‘screenshot’ of the specific element of the audited financial statements.

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