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CES424 Determinate Structures is a course offered by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM). This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques of structural analysis and design for determinate structures. Through lectures, tutorials, and practical exercises, students will learn how to analyze and design simple structures such as beams, frames, and trusses.

Throughout the course, students will explore the behavior of structures under different loading conditions and understand how to apply various analytical methods to determine stresses, strains, and deflections. They will also learn how to design structures that meet the safety and serviceability requirements of building codes and standards. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in the analysis and design of determinate structures and be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle real-world engineering challenges.

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Here, we will provide some assignment tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Apply the basic engineering concepts in various type of structural system.

Structural systems are an essential component of any engineering project, as they provide the necessary support and stability to buildings and other structures. Here are some basic engineering concepts that are commonly applied in various types of structural systems:

  1. Load and stress analysis: Understanding the amount and type of load that a structure will experience is essential for determining the appropriate structural system. Engineers need to analyze both static and dynamic loads, including gravity, wind, seismic, and live loads, and determine the stress levels that these loads will place on the structure.
  2. Materials selection: Selecting the appropriate materials for a structural system is important to ensure that it can withstand the loads and stresses placed on it. Engineers need to consider the properties of materials such as strength, stiffness, ductility, and durability, and select materials that are suitable for the specific application.
  3. Structural design: Designing the structural system involves selecting the appropriate geometry, size, and shape of the structural components. Engineers need to consider factors such as the loads and stress that the system will experience the materials used and the intended use of the structure.
  4. Analysis and testing: Engineers need to use advanced analytical tools to simulate the performance of the structural system and verify that it will perform as expected. Physical testing of prototypes or scaled models can also be used to validate the design and ensure that the system will be safe and reliable.
  5. Maintenance and repair: Regular maintenance and repair of structural systems is essential to ensure their longevity and prevent failures. Engineers need to develop maintenance and repair plans that address potential issues such as corrosion, fatigue, and structural damage.

Different types of structural systems may require the application of different engineering concepts. For example, designing a high-rise building will require a different approach than designing a suspension bridge. However, the basic engineering concepts outlined above will apply to all types of structural systems and will be critical for ensuring their safety and reliability.

Assignment Task 2: Analyse internal and reaction forces, and deformations in statically determinate structures.

Statically determinate structures are those that can be analyzed using the principles of statics alone, without the need for any additional information such as material properties, load duration, or deflection criteria. The analysis of such structures involves the determination of internal forces, reactions, and deformations.

Internal Forces:

Internal forces are the forces that are present within a structure, such as compression, tension, shear, and bending. These forces are determined by analyzing the external loads acting on the structure and the geometry of the structure itself. For example, if a beam is subject to a uniformly distributed load, the internal forces in the beam will include a combination of compression and tension forces along the length of the beam, as well as bending moments.


Reactions are the forces that are present at the points where a structure is supported. These forces are equal and opposite to the forces that the structure applies to the supports. The type and magnitude of the reactions depend on the nature of the supports and the external loads acting on the structure. For example, if a beam is supported at both ends, the reactions will include vertical forces and moments that counteract the external loads acting on the beam.


Deformations refer to the changes in shape and size of a structure in response to external loads. These changes can include elongation, compression, bending, and twisting. The amount of deformation depends on the material properties of the structure, the geometry of the structure, and the magnitude and duration of the external loads. For example, a beam subject to a concentrated load at the center will undergo bending and will deform into a curved shape.

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