ARK706 Architectural Practice I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK706 Architectural Practice I course is a great introduction to the world of architecture. It offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical studies that are aimed at stimulating a deeper understanding of architectural principles, people, and the environment. This course provides an opportunity to think critically about complex issues in built environments such as social economic, political, technological, and cultural influences on design decisions.

Students will gain critical competencies in creative problem-solving within global contexts by examining real-world architectural case studies. The course also serves to help students cultivate their artistic sensibilities as well as build confidence in conceptualizing innovative approaches to design. So whether you’re interested in getting your first insight into architecture or refreshing your knowledge and skills, this course is the perfect starting point!

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Assignment Task 1: Describe the understanding of the appointment and relationship of architects with clients, consultants, and contractors, including his responsibilities and obligations under relevant legislation.

As architects, it is essential to understand one’s appointment and relationship with clients, consultants, and contractors. Regarding responsibility, an architect acts as the middleman between clients and all involved parties. Thus, they possess a broad knowledge of governmental regulation in order to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and fulfill the project’s goals. Architects are expected to provide leadership throughout the project from inception to completion, demonstrating dedication and reliability.

They are also duty-bound by legal responsibilities for professional practice; such as expressed design intent and materials used for construction and remodeling projects. Through mutual respect between architects, clients, consultants and contractors, successful building projects can be achieved within budget constraints and timelines.

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Assignment Task 2: Explain on the professionalism of an architect, its governing bodies, its professional institutions and relevant legislations.

Professional Architects are held to a high standard, as they provide an essential service in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings for communities. The performance of architects is shaped by governing bodies and professional institutions that exist to promote ethical standards and excellent practice within the profession. Certain legislations also exist to ensure that these standards are met and regularly reviewed.

All professionals must meet the membership requirements of the relevant professional institution, indicating their adherence to the professional values, regulations, codes and ethical guidelines set out. Professionalism in architecture requires a high level of education, training, experience and expertise, as well as an ongoing commitment to upholding professional standards throughout all stages of the architectural process.

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