ARK716 Planning Principles And Practices I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK716 Planning Principles and Practices I is the perfect course for anyone looking to become an expert in the field of planning. Learning the fundamentals of strategic, regional, land use and urban planning will be a great asset to your professional development. This is a comprehensive and cutting-edge course that provides you with knowledge of urban, suburban and rural perspectives on all aspects related to planning.

You’ll gain practical insight into the regulations, legislation, policies, procedures and standards associated with every stage of the planning process. Furthermore, you’ll develop transferable skills such as research methodologies, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking which will aid your career growth no matter what sector you operate in. Take this opportunity to ensure your professional success by enrolling yourself in ARK716 Planning Principles and Practices I!

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The following are some of the assignment activities we will discuss:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the understanding and appreciation of the general features of legislation on land matters, theories and principles of urban planning and development.

Understanding and appreciating the general features of legislation on land matters, theories and principles of urban planning and development is fundamental in producing good urban planning projects. The legislation sets the rules, regulations and standards to which designs must adhere. It is important that those involved in urban planning understand the different statutes that affect land use, such as zoning laws, zoning ordinances, environmental policies and building codes.

Theory and practice also play a critical role in urban planning; theoretical approaches provide a framework from which to approach potential solutions fostering balanced futures for inhabitants of cities. Furthermore, appreciation of generated principles provide insight into how to best apply these concepts to real-world cases. With this knowledge at their disposal, planners are better able to develop responses that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders over the long term.

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Assignment Activity 2: Formulate planning theoretical knowledge to the preparation of urban planning development.

Formulating theoretical knowledge for the purpose of urban planning development is a process that requires both research and insight. Planning theories have often been utilized since their inception to inform the decisions and procedures taken to plan urban development, providing in-depth knowledge regarding how different complexities can work together in harmony. Through understanding various facets of planning theory and its applications to the shaping of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas, it is possible to create creative strategies for viable and sustainable urban development that will benefit a community for generations to come.

This process incorporates essential elements such as architecture, economics, politics, sociology and legal considerations all in one package. When combined with proficiency of regulations set forth by government agencies responsible for the effective execution of urban planning, one has the greatest potential to bring life into an area through its constructional setup.

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