BSR414 Technical Drawing UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSR414 Technical Drawing is an engaging course that teaches the fundamentals of visual communication, problem-solving, and design concepts. The class utilizes a wide range of computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to create technical drawings, diagrams, 3D models, and schematics. These skills can be applied to a multitude of industries ranging from architecture to manufacturing.

As part of the course, students are required to apply their technical drawing knowledge to real-world engineering challenges. This hands-on practice allows students to gain valuable experience in their preferred field as they work towards becoming highly competent technical illustrators. Overall, this class offers an invaluable opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career in technical drawing.

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In this section, we will provide outlines for assignments, which include:

Assignment Outline 1: Identify the importance of drawing as an effective communication medium.

Drawing is an essential tool for effective communication as it allows individuals to convey ideas, thoughts, and feelings in a visual format. Here are some reasons why drawing is important for communication:

  1. Clarity: Drawings can often clarify complex ideas and concepts that might be difficult to understand in words alone. For instance, diagrams, charts, and graphs are frequently used in fields such as science, engineering, and architecture to communicate complex information in an accessible format.
  2. Memory Aid: Drawing can help us remember information better. Research suggests that visual information is often easier to remember than written or spoken information. Drawing or sketching concepts can also help individuals to commit these ideas to memory and recall them more easily.
  3. Creativity: Drawing allows individuals to express their creativity in a way that can be easily shared with others. It can also encourage brainstorming and problem-solving by allowing individuals to visually explore different ideas.
  4. Emotional Expression: Drawing can be an effective medium for communicating emotions that are difficult to articulate in words. It allows individuals to visually express their feelings and communicate them to others in a powerful way.
  5. Cross-Cultural Communication: Drawing can be a universal language that transcends cultural barriers. Simple drawings and sketches can be easily understood by people of different cultures, making it an effective tool for cross-cultural communication.

Assignment Outline 2: Identify the importance and types of Technical Drawing.

The technical drawing is an essential part of many industries, including engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and construction. Technical drawings are precise and accurate illustrations that provide detailed information about an object, system, or structure. These drawings are used to communicate design, construction, and manufacturing details to engineers, architects, builders, and other stakeholders.

Here are some of the types of technical drawing and their importance:

  1. Engineering Drawings: Engineering drawings provide detailed information about the design, dimensions, and materials used in the manufacturing, construction, or maintenance of a product. These drawings are essential for ensuring that the product is produced to the required specifications and is safe for use.
  2. Architectural Drawings: Architectural drawings are used to communicate the design and construction of buildings and structures. These drawings include floor plans, elevations, sections, and details, and are used by architects, builders, and contractors to ensure that the building is constructed according to the design.
  3. Mechanical Drawings: Mechanical drawings provide detailed information about the design and construction of mechanical parts, machines, and systems. These drawings are used by mechanical engineers and manufacturers to ensure that the parts and systems are produced to the required specifications.
  4. Electrical Drawings: Electrical drawings provide information about the design and installation of electrical systems, including wiring diagrams, circuit diagrams, and schematics. These drawings are used by electricians, engineers, and manufacturers to ensure that the electrical systems are safe and functional.

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Assignment Outline 3: Recognise basic knowledge and skills in Technical Drawing.

Technical drawing, also known as drafting, is a visual communication tool that uses drawings to convey information about technical designs, products, or structures. Here are some basic knowledge and skills in technical drawing:

  1. Knowledge of geometric shapes and their properties: Technical drawing involves using different shapes and lines to create accurate representations of objects. You should be familiar with different types of shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, and polygons, and understand their properties, such as perimeter, area, and angles.
  2. Understanding of technical drawing tools: You should be familiar with the different tools used in technical drawing, such as compasses, rulers, protractors, and drafting boards. You should also know how to use drawing software like AutoCAD.
  3. Understanding of projection methods: Technical drawings are created using projection methods, such as orthographic, isometric, and perspective projections. You should know how to create and interpret these projections.
  4. Ability to read and create technical drawings: You should be able to read technical drawings and understand the information they convey. You should also be able to create technical drawings that accurately represent the design or product you are working on.
  5. Understanding of dimensions and tolerances: Technical drawings include information about dimensions and tolerances. You should understand how to measure dimensions accurately and represent them on a drawing.
  6. Knowledge of drafting standards: Technical drawings must follow specific standards and conventions to ensure they are clear and accurate. You should be familiar with these standards, such as ANSI, ISO, or ASME.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively: Technical drawing is a tool for communication. You should be able to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively through your drawings. This includes using proper labeling, symbols, and annotations to convey information.

Assignment Outline 4: Illustrate basic drafting skills in the use of traditional drafting methods which would be helpful in understanding computer aided design.

Traditional drafting skills are the foundation of computer-aided design (CAD), and understanding them is essential for anyone working with CAD software. Here are some basic drafting skills that are still relevant today and can help you better understand CAD:

  1. Understanding scales: Scales are used to accurately represent the size of objects on paper. Traditional drafting required the use of various scales, which can also be applied in CAD to maintain accurate dimensions and proportions.
  2. Line types: Different types of lines are used in traditional drafting to convey information about objects. For example, solid lines represent visible edges, while dashed lines represent hidden edges. Understanding line types can help you create clear and accurate drawings in CAD.
  3. Orthographic projections: Orthographic projections are a set of views that show an object as if it were sliced and viewed from different angles. This technique is still used in CAD to create 2D drawings from 3D models.
  4. Dimensioning: Proper dimensioning is essential in traditional drafting to ensure that objects can be manufactured or built according to the drawing. In CAD, dimensioning is also important to communicate the size and shape of objects accurately.
  5. Lettering and notation: Clear and consistent lettering and notation are essential in traditional drafting to communicate information effectively. This skill is still relevant in CAD, where clear labeling and organization of elements can make a big difference in the usability of the final product.

Overall, the basic drafting skills discussed here are still relevant today in the age of CAD. They provide a foundation for accurate and effective communication of information in design and engineering fields.

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