IMU790 Dissertation UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMU790 Dissertation Course encourages students to tap into their research skills and complete advanced academic studies. It provides a platform for advanced inquiry, completing an extensive research dissertation, and defending it in the presence of a committee. The topics of research are drawn from areas including Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance, as well as other disciplines that enhance theoretical knowledge while engaging practical acumen.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will not only be better suited in terms of having improved their investigative approach but also gain recognition of their accomplishment by the university through the award of a degree or postgraduate qualification.

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Here, let us explore a few assignment tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Display continuous learning commitment in producing a well-written dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is a great way to showcase the commitment and dedication one has in the pursuit of learning. It requires engaging in research both independent and peer-reviewed, developing novel theories, accurately citing sources, as well as crafting a well-written final product. Developing such a document is an arduous process that requires forethought, persistence, and organization on the part of the author.

It is ultimately an accomplishment showing that one is willing to go beyond what they have learned in an educational setting and demonstrate their commitment to continued growth intellectually. As such, drafting a successful dissertation serves not only as proof of knowledge completed but also as evidence of the unwavering commitment to learning.

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Assignment Task 2: Use quantitative and qualitative approaches with analytical tools in presenting the study conducted.

Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative approaches with analytical tools can be an extremely valuable strategy when presenting research or study conducted. Applying this approach provides many benefits, such as allowing data to be presented in diverse, meaningful ways that are both interpretable and statistically significant. It also helps researchers to identify patterns or changes in the results of their study, which could result in further exploration into unknowns.

Additionally, combining the different sets of observations assists with maintaining objectivity while exploring any potential biases or limitations that may be present. Ultimately, by employing a combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches with analytical tools when presenting the results of their work, researchers can better ensure the reliability and validity of their conclusions.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate the synthesis of information in written and verbal communication.

Clear communication is essential when it comes to conveying meaningful messages, and the synthesis of information can help bolster that purpose. Whether in written or verbal communication, utilizing relevant salient points allows any speaker to create a more powerful message with staying power. To properly synthesize information, one must also consider their audience to customize the content presented, whether it be through exact words chosen or conceptually by tailoring the subject matter. By combining research-backed evidence and logic into persuasive appeals, succinctly conveyed material creates an opportunity for greater understanding and sustained impact.

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