ARK702 Architectural Philosophy I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK702 Architectural Philosophy I is a course that offers in-depth instruction into architectural concepts, theories and history. Students will learn the fundamentals of modern architecture and its evolution through time, exploring different styles and models as well as their practical application. Interesting projects that demonstrate the principles learned about modern architecture are also included.

This course is designed for students with an interest in architecture, providing them with the necessary knowledge to continue toward higher study in architectural philosophy or theory. Consequently, it provides a great foundation for both future architects and enthusiasts alike.

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In this section, we will outline some assignment activities that include:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the understanding on the philosophical attitudes and Worldviews from the Western to Islamic perspectives that have shaped architecture and the built environment of the city.

The built environment of any city is a reflection of its culture, philosophical attitudes, and worldview. When discussing the architecture within certain cities, different perspectives can be observed based on a variety of political and religious views. For example, in comparison to Western cities, those in Islamic countries are characterized by an appreciation for symmetrical space planning, minarets towering over skylines, covered shopping areas or bazaars and a focus on natural light and air.

Different philosophical attitudes from the Islamic perspective shaped these architectural components to incorporate religious teachings from the Qur’an and applied Islamic principles such as facing toward Mecca when praying. Additionally, Western cities often define structures by their surrounding landscape with monumental buildings adorning pre-existing gardens; something not typically seen in many Islamic societies. Understanding how various philosophies have shaped our environments is key to learning about new cultures and appreciating the respective values embedded within each city’s architecture.

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Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate critically the emergence and existence of the past and present architecture and urbanism based upon the various philosophical attitudes and Worldviews particularly relating to contemporary, globalized, economy and society.

The emergence and existence of modern architecture and urbanism is closely related to the various philosophies, attitudes, and worldviews associated with today’s globalized economy and society. Perhaps one of the most influential ideas when it comes to exploring this topic is the concept of “The Great Reset,” a geopolitical model that puts technology at the forefront of developing societies in an attempt to tackle climate change, inequality, and other social issues. It relies on the idea that building a future based on environmental sustainability requires an interdisciplinary approach that aims to reshape our relationship with nature as well as promote collaborative and equitable modes of production.

However, critiques have suggested that it is too heavily focused on Western technological advancement, which may lead to further exclusion or marginalization within certain societies. Ultimately, as changes in our technology, economy or environment continue to shape modern architecture and urbanism, it will be important to consider context-specific philosophical attitudes and worldviews in order to create a more sustainable future.

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