ARK704 Sustainable Environment UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ARK704 Sustainable Environment course provides an opportunity for students to gain a deep understanding of the critical issues facing global ecosystems today. Through both theoretical and practical study, participants learn to recognize and value the importance of sustainability while exploring approaches to minimizing environmental impacts.

This course covers topics such as climate change and energy use, human societies and biodiversity, resource management, and economic development. Students have the chance to engage in self-directed learning utilizing case studies and independent research to add depth to their knowledge. Overall, this class equips learners with the skills and tools needed to create positive change toward a sustainable environment.

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On this page, let’s explore several assignment outlines. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain understanding and appreciation of the concept of sustainability and its applications to architectural design and practices.

Recent years have seen a growing awareness of sustainability, especially within the field of architecture and construction. Sustainable building practices take the long-term effects of a building into careful consideration, ensuring that our designs are not only meeting the needs of their present occupants but also those of future generations. From the use of renewable resources to building systems that minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency, sustainability has become a critical element in contemporary architectural design.

Even at a conceptual level, designers are engaged in ‘green’ thinking by employing site-specific strategies such as making use of natural topography or harnessing natural airflows to reduce energy requirements. Ultimately, designing sustainably involves connecting with the local context and without compromising aesthetic values. As such, ongoing efforts must be made to ensure these two major factors converge seamlessly for an architecturally appropriate solution that is economically viable and environmentally responsible.

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Assignment Brief 2: Demonstrate the performance of a building using appropriate environmental assessment tools or rating systems.

The performance of a building should be assessed using the appropriate environmental assessment tools or rating systems. These tools provide useful and comprehensive information about each building’s energy efficiency, enabling customers, tenants, and owners to better understand their sustainability performance. From this data, customers and tenants can make more informed decisions that help reduce their impact on the environment. This assessment also provides building owners with valuable resources for improving their building’s energy usage and making it more sustainable. Utilizing these assessment tools can help ensure that buildings are being operated responsibly while completing an effective environmental assessment of the property.

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