To read minimum of THREE (3) journals, articles, or research papers and write a review paper about “Information security in an organisation”: MIS, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)

This is an individual assignment. You are required to read minimum of THREE (3) journals, articles, or research papers and write a review paper about “Information security in an organisation”. (Healthcare) – include the journal details in the reference part. Get the details of the scholar as well In the review paper, learners should include:

Section 1: Introduction
Overview of “Information security in organization”.

Section 2: Literature Review
• Identify and briefly summarize three journals, articles, or research papers on information security in organizations.
• Explain the relevance of each source to the overall understanding of information security.
• Identify common themes or trends across the sources. Insert citation where appropriate.

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Section 3: Critical Analysis
• Critically analyse the methodologies used in the reviewed sources. Discuss their strengths and potential limitations.
• Evaluate the findings presented in the sources, highlighting key insights and areas of agreement or disagreement.

Section 4: Synthesis of Information
• Integrate information from the three sources to provide a comprehensive overview of information security in organizations.
• Discuss any conflicting information or gaps in the literature and suggest potential areas for further research.

Section 5: Clarity and coherence
• Present the review paper in a clear and well-organized manner, ensuring
logical flow and coherence.

Section 6: Conclusion and Implications
• Draw insightful conclusions from the literature review, summarizing key findings.
• Discuss the practical implications of the literature for organizations and information security practices.

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