The primary purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between employee perception: Electronic Human Resource Management Dissertation, APU, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject Electronic Human Resource Management

The primary purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between employee perception and behaviour intention on employee acceptance of e-HRM. E-HRM has become increasingly widespread in this upcoming era of technology. In this era, the electronic management revolution, electronic management is important to create an efficient and effective relationship with human resources. Electronic management in human resources (e-HRM) is mandatory to increase a company’s performance. (Ruel et al.,2004)has brought outstanding changes to our economy, society, and culture. The fundamental tools used in business have evolved from manual bookkeeping to advanced information technologies.

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The fundamental changes brought by information technology (IT) have significantly changed how companies operate their businesses and this, in turn, has led to changes in management records and procedures. For example, in human resource management (HRM), a new wave of human resource (HR) technology known as electronic HRM (e-HRM) has emerged. Academic involvement in e-HRM started relatively late, however, and, to some extent, is still trying to catch up with practice. E-HRM technology supports the HR function to comply with the HR needs of the organization through web technology-based channels. E-HRM technology provides a portal that enables managers, employees, and HR professionals to view, extract, or alter information that is necessary for managing the HR of the organization. In addition, with the use of e-HRM, fewer HR professionals are needed, because e-HRM eliminates the ‘HR middleman’

E-HRM system is an important system to all government-linked companies (GLC) because e-HRM applications assist to locate and relocate human assets around the world according to the project developed using the web-based HR applications (Olivas-Lujan et al., 2007). Most public listed companies are increasingly using these systems to deliver training, manage employee performance, and administer compensation and benefits systems (Strohmeier, 2007). With e-HRM, HR processes can be reduced as it requires less paperwork or manual job. The data accuracy can be increased, and this directly affects the efficiency of the HR Department. The increased data accuracy and less paperwork could also provide the HR department with more time to develop their skills and strategically contribute to the management level.

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E-HRM is a good way of implementing HR strategies, policies, and practices in Government Linked Company through continuous and directed support by full use of web-technology-based channels and networks. E-HRM is important for employees because this helps to improve quality services and efficient services regarding Human resource management at amazing speed. Using e-HRM technology is a way of implementing HR strategies, policies, and practices. The e-HRM technology supports the HR function to comply with the HR needs of the organization through web-technology based channels (Ruel et al., 2004). Based on Lengnickl & Moritz, 2003, says in the research that e-HRM is the application of IT for HR practices which makes communications easier between employees and employers.

In Malaysia, there were few studies conducted to measure the level of usage of e-HRM. This is proved by some of the authors in their research. For instance, Yusliza, Ramayah, and Haslindar (2010) examine the relationship between HR roles and e-HRM adoption and Ramayah et al. (2006) identify the adoption level of e-HRM in Penang. When recruiting someone nowadays, e-HRM is very useful. This refers to the employee perception that can influence employee behaviour intention towards the e-HRM system.

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