TA6434: Write a menu-based program to create a list of records at least 3 data using the queue concept: Algorithm And Data Structure Assignment, UKM, Malaysia


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

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Assignment Type

Individual Assignment


TA6434: Algorithm And Data Structure

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Course Outcome

CO3 Build computer programs to implement appropriate data structures for solving computing problems in the time frame given. (P3, PLO3).


Write a menu-based program to create a list of records (at least 3 data) using the queue concept. Your program should be able to perform the following queue operation.

1. Enqueue
2. Dequeue
3. Queue rear
4. Queue front
4. View
5. Exit

Your program also should be able to display the number of elements in the queue. Put your creativity to produce the program.

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