RMGT-2313: You plan to open an Indian restaurant specializing in serving Northern Indian food somewhere in Kuala Lumpur: Production and Operations Management Assignment, UniKL, Malaysia

University Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
Subject RMGT-2313: Production and Operations Management
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You plan to open an Indian restaurant specializing in serving Northern Indian food somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant will be at a mid-range price similar to Chilli’s, Ben’s, Botanica, and the like. During slow customer traffic (outside lunch and dinner hours) the restaurant will serve coffee, tea & snacks and a café style counter will be opened within the restaurant. Some of the issues of concern before you open the restaurant are:

  1. What are the menus/type of food and drinks that you plan to serve? What is the uniqueness of the food as compared to Mamak Restaurant? What would be the price range? What type of clientele/demography that you plan to serve?
  2. How do you ensure the service quality of the restaurant? What type of quality assurance system you will use to ensure the consistency of the taste? How do you ensure food safety at the restaurant?
  3. Where would be the exact location of the restaurant – shopping mall, office building, etc.? Name the location and justify your answer.
  4. Draw a layout of the restaurant and show the seating area, store, cold room, kitchen, toilet, sure, etc. Consider customer flow.
  5. What would be the size of the restaurant and what is the maximum seating capacity of the restaurant based on the layout?
  6. How many employees would you employ? Justify the number based on seating capacity etc. Most of the cooks will be from India (Mumbai and Delhi) to retain the originality of the taste.
  7.   How would you outsource the material for the kitchen – beef, mutton, chicken, fish, vegetables, spices, dry goods, etc?
  8. How would you manage the inventory of dry and frozen food to avoid wastage?
  9. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. How do you plan to schedule the employees based on rotating shifts?
  10. How would you implement lean operations at the restaurant to reduce waste?
  11. How would you perform maintenance on the equipment at the restaurant – air-conditioning, stove, freezer, chiller, etc?

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