Revenue Recognition in a Software Development Company Scenario You are an accounting student analyzing the financial practices of “TechSolutions Inc.,” a software development company: Accounting for Non-Specialist, Assignment, MUM, Malaysia


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Revenue Recognition in a Software Development Company Scenario You are an accounting student analyzing the financial practices of “TechSolutions Inc.,” a software development company that creates custom software solutions for various industries. The company’s revenue streams include one-time sales of software licenses, ongoing subscription services, and long-term contracts for custom software development.

Revenue Streams and Details

1. One-time Software Licenses TechSolutions Inc. sells software licenses for $100,000 each. In 2023, they sold 10 licenses.

2. Subscription Services The company offers subscription services at $2,000 per month per customer. As of 2023, they have 50 customers on annual subscriptions.

3. Long-term Contracts The company engages in long-term custom software development contracts. In 2023, they signed a $1,000,000 contract to be completed over two years, with milestones for payment and delivery.

Current Practices and Issues

  • The company currently recognizes revenue from one-time software licenses at the point of sale.
  • Subscription revenue is recognized monthly as services are provided.
  •  For long-term contracts, revenue is recognized only upon completion of major milestones, leading to uneven revenue reporting. The CFO of TechSolutions Inc. has asked you to evaluate their current revenue recognition practices and provide recommendations to ensure compliance with accounting standards – Revenue from Contracts with Customers.

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1. Revenue Recognition for Software Licenses (5 marks) Explain how should TechSolutions Inc. recognize revenue from the sale of one-time software licenses? At what point is the revenue considered earned and realizable?

2. Subscription Services (5 marks) For ongoing subscription services, explain how should TechSolutions Inc. recognize revenue? Explain the process of recognizing revenue over time as the services are provided.

3. Long-term Contracts (5 marks) Describe the methods TechSolutions Inc. can use to recognize revenue from long-term contracts for custom software development. Explain the criteria which must be met to recognize revenue over time versus at a point in time?

4. Disclosure Requirements (5 marks) Discuss the disclosure requirements related to revenue recognition. What information must Tech Solutions Inc. include in its financial statements to comply with these requirements?

5. Ethical Considerations (5 marks) Discuss the ethical considerations Tech Solutions Inc. must keep in mind when recognizing revenue and how can proper revenue recognition practices enhance transparency and trust with stakeholders?

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