PYG Berhad inventory is held on average for 50 days, account receivable is collected in 20 days, and account payable: Fundamentals of Finance Assignment, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Fundamentals of Finance


  1. PYG Berhad inventory is held on average for 50 days, account receivable is collected in 20 days, and account payable is paid 20 days after it arises. Calculate its Cash Conversion Cycle.
  2. Delima Ent. Inventory Is held on average for 120 days, account receivable Is Collected In 60 days, and account payable Is paid 50 days after It arises. Calculated the length of JayamaJu Ent. cash conversion cycle and minimum operating cash If the initial outlay is RM2,200,000
  3. Explain any THREE (3) selection criteria of marketable securities.

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