Prevalence Of Intravenous Canulization And Its Consequence To The Patients A Cross Sectional Quantitative Study In Hospital S: Nursing Research Paper, OUM Malaysia


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Prevalence Of Intravenous Canulization And Its Consequence To The Patients – A Cross Sectional Quantitative Study In Hospital S

4.1 Introduction

This chapter presents the study’s findings. Introduce here what will be presented in this chapter. Must address each objectives. It is wise to rewrite your objectives here. This research aimed to explore….or  this chapter will present the findings for objective 1 (write here your obj 1), Objective 2 (elaborate) and objective 3 (elaborate) and bla bla.

4.2 (Objective no 1)

You may describe your findings for objective 1 here. Insert table or figure and label it. E.g the survey aimed to draw conclusions from the participants’ perception of patient obj no 1 in the hospital. Most respondents had over one year of experience in working; for example, over 40% had between one and five years of experience. There were only a few respondents with more than 20 years of experience. Most respondents worked 40 to 59 hours per week. Respondents working in the medical and surgical units worked the most number of hours: 60 to 79 hours per week bla bla refer table 1 below on …… The age of….

Gender of the participant….(describe your findings)

Table 1: Demo

4.3 Objective 2 ….What is the relationship between taking Oreo biscuits on the BMI

The SmartPLS coefficient test was done on the respondents intake and …

Prevalence Of Intravenous Canulization And Its Consequence To The Patients – A Cross Sectional Quantitative Study In Hospital S

4.4 Objective 3 Why participants consumes Oreo Biscuits?

Here example of qualitative findings:

A nurse interviewee said a good supportive technology could enhance the staff’s collaborative activities to achieve improvement in the hospital:

‘Patient safety culture to me must have good involvement in the management and staff, with a supportive technology to increase collaboration and activities for improvement. Every staff member must be equally engaged, with the top management leading the efforts.’ – NUR16

A doctor mentioned the adoption of a system that supports the detection of errors and alerts the user:

‘We can adapt systems that prevent mistakes from happening like many industries have computerised most of their systems. However, because we still depend on human power, mistakes will keep happening.’ – DR2

5.1 Introduction

This chapter discusses the findings of this study in the context of the…. The study aims to (write here again your objectives/or research question).

5.2 Objective 1 (write here) (in Qualitative write your THEME)

Here you must discuss, explain or elaborate the findings. Compare, contrast, critique, analyse, connect etc with other people’s findings. This chapter requires a lot of references. Elaborate it with the theory you use. You must conceptualise your findings. A lot of synthesis is required.

5.2 Objective 2 (write again your objective just as chapter 4)/THEME

You must present your idea in your context and from your perspective. Only use other references to support your arguments and show the difference between your findings and other people’s findings.

5.3 Objective 3/THEME

5.4 Summary

This chapter discusses the findings of the study….

Next chapter will present on conclusion



6.1 Introduction

This chapter will present conclusion,practical/significant of the study, contribution, limitation of the study, recommendation…..

6.2 Recapitulation of Study

6.3 Practical Recommendation/ Practical Implication of Study Findings

Eg.Implication on Policy Makers

Eg. Implication on Stakeholders

6.4 Contribution of Study

To academic literature/ to Policy makers/Curriculum/

6.5 Limitation of the Study

In terms of your design, sampling, triangulation, data, any shortcomings

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