MKT20021: you will be required to address real-world integrated marketing communications issues and problems across four defined stages: Integrated Marketing Communications Assignment, SUT, Malaysia

University Swinburne University of Technology (SUT)
Subject MKT20021 Integrated Marketing Communications

Assessment Overview

In this assessment task, you will be required to address real-world integrated marketing communications (IMC) issues and problems across four (4) defined stages, with each stage requiring you to collect relevant artifacts which will contribute to your folio.

You will commence building your folio from the beginning of the semester, with weekly tasks in the learning materials to help guide you. This assessment is an opportunity to exercise your creative and intellectual independence by applying your advanced discipline and professional practice knowledge to make sound judgments and recommendations.

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For every stage of this assessment, it is crucial that you:

  •  Demonstrate analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving skills
  •  Show clear understanding, integration, and application of relevant IMC theories and concepts

Assessment Details

Stage 1: Controversial Advertising Collect ONE recent advertisement (2016-current) which uses body image in a controversial way. The ad can be from any media platform (e.g. Instagram, TV, billboard, etc). Additionally, collect a trade
press article for the ad which discusses the controversy

For the advertisement that you choose, provide an analytical critique of the ad using the following questions as guidance:

a) What were the objectives of the advertisement (from the brand’s perspective)?
b) Who was the intended audience?
c) Why did the brand choose a controversial approach?
d) Is the advertisement effective?
e) How would you improve the advertisement?
f) Based on the trade press article, how did the controversy affect consumers and the brand?

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