MGW3130: write an essay that compares and contrasts change initiatives by DIFFERENT organisations in the SAME industry that solved SAME problems: Organisational change and development Essay, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject MGW3130: Organizational change and development

Detail of task:

The covid19 pandemic caused disruptions in all walks of life including the way businesses operate. To ensure economic sustainability, organisations had to bring several organisational change initiatives in many areas. For some it meant organisational transformation e.g., deep change initiatives such as bringing in new technology, reorganisation or development of new products/services; while for others a push to start organisational development e.g., fine-tuning initiatives such as team building events/activities that became online based (like game nights) as several companies went fully remote.


Do some research to find out prominent change initiatives that were brought on by organisations. Choose multiple organisations from ONE industry e.g., manufacturing, electronics, transportation, food, education, medical, entertainment, etc. and write an essay that compares and contrasts change initiatives by DIFFERENT organisations in the SAME industry that solved SAME problems (at least two). Your essay must include the following sections (headings are not necessarily needed as long as you follow the sequence of topics):

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