LAW1014: Discuss the application of the doctrine of caveat emptor with particular reference to the implied conditions: Business Law Course Work, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject LAW1014: Buisness Law


Discuss the application of the doctrine of caveat emptor with particular reference to the implied conditions as to fitness for purpose in the Sale of Goods Act 1957.  Is the doctrine still relevant today?

  1. Your answer must refer to relevant materials. You have been given sufficient materials on E-learn to refer to and construct your answer. But you are encouraged to do further resources in this area.  When answering the question, you will first have to discuss the doctrine of caveat emptor in general and then go on to discuss the doctrine as it applies to the sale of goods, specifically the Malaysian Sale of Goods Act 1957.  You are also required to do a comparative study between Malaysian Law and the laws of England and India or Australia, in relation to the sale of goods.
  2. The consultation will only be provided when you have done some preliminary work. Reasons for consultation such as “I do not understand the question” will not be entertained. The question and instructions provided are straightforward enough to be understood and worked on. Further workshop sessions will be allocated to discuss the question and the topic.
  3. This is group coursework. You are allowed 4 – 6 members per group. You have already been assigned “CW/Tutorial Work Teams”. You will need to work with team members, agree on tasks and build your answer.
  4. The maximum word count for this coursework is 2,400 words. You are allowed an allowance of 10% above the word limit.

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