FIT1047: Briefly explain why it is important that the operating system manages the files stored on your computer : Introduction to computer systems, networks and security Assignment, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject FIT1047: Introduction to computer systems networks and security

Part 1: Processes 

For this task, write a brief report about the processes that are running on your computer. You can use one of the following tools (depending on your operating system):
● On Windows, use the Task Manager
● On macOS, use the Activity Monitor
● On Linux, use a command-line tool like top or the ps command

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Answer the following questions:

1. Briefly describe the columns displayed by the tool you use that relate to a) memory usage and b) CPU usage of a process. What can you say about the overall memory usage of all processes, compared to the RAM installed in your computer?

2. Pick a process you perhaps don’t know much about, or which you did not expect to find running on your computer. Try to find out and describe briefly what it does.

3. Briefly explain why it is important that the operating system manages the files stored on your computer (rather than each application having to manage those files itself).

Part 2: MARIE Programming

In this task, you will develop a MARIE program that implements a clone of the popular Wordle game. We will break this task down into small steps for you.
Most of the tasks require you to write code and test cases. On Moodle, you will find a template for the code. It contains some subroutines that you should use, as well as a number of predefined test cases. Your submission must be based on this template, i.e., you must add implementations of your own subroutines into this template. The code must contain comments, and you submit the .mas file together with the rest of your assignment.

In-class interviews: You will be required to demonstrate your code to your tutor after the submission deadline. Failure to demonstrate will lead to zero marks being awarded for the entire assignment.

Code similarity: We use tools to check for collaboration and copying between students. If you copy parts of your code from other students, or you let them copy parts of your code, you will receive 0 marks for the entire assignment.

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