EDC3164 Briefly describe the background and context of the research problem: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education Dissertation Proposal, SEGi, Malaysia

University SEGi University
Subject EDC3164 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education Dissertation Proposa

Research Proposal

Imagine you are a researcher in your chosen field of study. Your task is to develop a comprehensive research proposal for a project that addresses a significant issue or question within your field. Your proposal should include the following elements:

Title: Provide a clear and concise title for your research project.

⦁ Introduction: Briefly describe the background and context of the research problem. Explain why it is essential and relevant to your field of study.

⦁ Research Objectives: Clearly state the main objectives of your research. What do you intend to achieve through this study?

Literature Review: Summarize and analyze relevant literature and previous research on your topic. Identify gaps in the existing knowledge that your research aims to fill.

⦁ Methodology: Outline the research methods and techniques you plan to use. Justify your choice of methodology and explain how you will collect and analyze data.

⦁ References: Include a list of the academic sources and references you have consulted while preparing your proposal.

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