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Fundamental of Statistics

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  • Suppose that an accounting firm does a study to determine the time needed to complete one person’s tax forms. It randomly surveys 100 people. The sample mean is 23.6 hours. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population mean time to complete the tax forms.
  • The following results were obtained from the 839 player challenges to referee calls in the first U.S. Open tennis tournament to use the Hawk-Eye electronic instant replay system.

Fundamental of Statistics

If 1 of the 839 challenges is randomly selected, find the probability of getting a challenge that

i. Was rejected.

ii. Was made by a male player or was rejected.

iii. Was accepted and made by a female player.

iv. Was accepted given that it was made by a female player.

  • The director of an alumni association for a small college wants to determine whether there is any type of relationship between the amount of the alumnus’s contribution and the number of years the alumnus has been out of school. The data is as follows.

fundamental of statistics

i. Draw the scatter diagram on graph paper.
ii. Calculate the coefficient of correlation. Then interpret the result.

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