CT098-3-2 The “Internet of Things” (IoT) in home automation evolves to the application of internet connectivity devices: Research Methodology in Computing and Technology (RMCT), AUTI, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (AUTI)
Subject CT098-3-2 Research Methodology in Computing and Technology (RMCT)


The “Internet of Things” (IoT) in home automation evolves to the application of internet connectivity devices. It positively enables remote-controlled and monitored networks and devices. The safety procedure includes cooling, heating, and electricity. Residents can control multiple parts of their homes from just one access point with the assistance of modern technological aspects. The importance of smart home gadgets demonstrates the increasing significance of IoT gadgets in modern households. More than 77% of Wi-Fi-connected homes declared to have a decreasing amount of one smart home gadget in 2021 (Hunter, 2021).

Several security hazards and challenges come with increasing adoption. These hazards include identity theft, breaches of data, device hacking, and “distributed denial of service (DDoS)” attacks. It is necessary to ensure the accuracy of these devices to protect against such hazards. The significance regarding the maintenance of privacy and security in smart housing. Comprehensive safety regulations and risk awareness associated with IoT devices can all help accomplish security against these challenges. The adoption of multi-layered safety measures is involved in protecting the IoT device authenticity in smart houses.

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